Orlando Website Design

What is Auxilia?

Auxilia is a freelance custom website design and lead generation company in Orlando, FL. We assist businesses throughout Orlando and the U.S. in custom WordPress website design, website repairs and modifications, and website hosting. No doubt, you will find many in the U.S. and Orlando that offer these services but what makes us different is that we can offer big agency quality and skills for freelancer prices.

Our team consists of a web developer/designer, a graphic designer, a content writer, and a photographer/videographer. Each member of our team is an independent contractor working (or having experience working) in a large, big agency, team environment. This means that when you come to Auxilia for website work, we have the ability to service any area of your website needs. Each of us is a professional in our area of work and we bring a high level of quality to each project.

What type of website work can we do for your company?

As mentioned above, we can assist businesses with new website builds and website recreations, with website repairs and modifications, and with website hosting. The world of web development is large and vast but these are the areas we specialize in. We are experts in custom WordPress website design and feel that we are able to be a much needed technical resource to companies.

New website builds and website recreations

Our bread and butter are WordPress and Shopify website builds and recreations. Many of these sites are built with the purpose of being used in lead generation campaigns whether that is through SEO, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads. Either way, the sites are built with the purpose of acting as an online brochure for the company showcasing the company’s products and services, their history, and the value they bring to their client. For SEO sites, there is a tremendous amount of care and consideration in building them. These sites, more than basic sites, need to have their code tweaked along with their content in order to perform well on organic Google searches.

A note on pricing: when building a new website, Auxilia doesn’t have a “cheap” option. We do not want to build websites that look “cheap.” Our pricing is lower than most big agencies due to our structure as mentioned above. We are a “team” of freelancers that individually contribute our part to your project. We don’t have the overhead that a large agency has with office space, company computers, coffee, snacks, insurance, etc. We love what we build and put a tremendous amount of care into our projects.

So as stated, we offer website builds and recreations. Regarding website recreations, we understand that from time-to-time, a company might have a website that they recently had built. They love the layout, the feel, the look, etc., but perhaps it was built using a pre-built template bought from a store. While these types of website projects are less expensive and “cheaper” they actually can cost more money as plugins begin to interfere with other parts of the code or when licenses for plugins or the theme itself expire. This is when a client is in need of website recreation. Basically, Auxilia takes the site and makes a clone of it (layout and all) by re-coding it using custom code that isn’t as plugin reliant nor has licensing issues. This is our website recreation. We basically recreate the website for the client.

When Auxilia is hired for a new website build, we opt for either WordPress or Shopify for that project. All of our websites follow these principles:

  • Mobile-responsive to display beautifully across all device sizes,
  • Use either custom high-resolution images or stock high-resolution images,
  • Have professional graphic design mockups before the project begins so you know what your site will look like ahead of time,
  • Use a minimal amount of plugins that are all free so there are no licensing issues down the line.

Our custom WordPress website design

For those clients needing basic company representation, or for those clients needing lead generation through SEO or Google Ads, or Facebook Ads WordPress tends to be the best way to build their site. WordPress is a CMS, which stands for “content management system”. According to Google, “a content management system or CMS is a software that facilitates creating, editing, organizing, and publishing content. WordPress is a Content Management System, that allows you to create and publish your content on the web.” In laymen’s terms, a CMS allows a website user or manager to easily store and manage photos, pages, and other data commonly used in a website.

Furthermore, from an SEO standpoint, WordPress gives you some helpful tools (plugins) that will allow a website manager to easily manipulate permalinks/URLs, create re-directs, add in page titles and meta-descriptions, and utilize Facebook’s open-graph for easy social media posting that adds into that social media post the title, page description, and featured image.

Our Shopify website design

For those clients that have an e-commerce store, we direct those clients to build their site in Shopify. Shopify is a popular and easily customizable e-commerce platform. It allows a company to build a store that easily sorts products and the collections to which they belong, along with user management, inventory management, credit card processing and so on. In our opinion, use the right tool for the job and you’ll get the best results. While Shopify has some tight restrictions on what can and cannot be sold on their platform, for most e-commerce sites it is a natural fit. In the rare instance where Shopify cannot or will not facilitate a certain business’ products, then WordPress’ Woocommerce may be the solution. This gives WordPress the ability to have e-commerce functionality.

Furthermore, Shopify has a variety of payment options, the ability to integrate into Google Retail, Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds, and other convenient platforms. This allows you to market your products in a variety of ways so you can increase your sales. This platform provides (what we would consider) an all-inclusive option. They handle web hosting, credit card processing and disbursement of funds, and they do these things in a secure manner. They take security out of the web designer and website manager’s hands, which is a big relief. If you have an e-commerce store, and your products are able to be sold on Shopify then go with Shopify!

Website repairs and modifications

This is pretty obvious but we also offer website repairs and modifications. These can occur if a website “breaks” in some manner or if someone wishes to update their website. The repairs can range from:

  • Contact form stopped working,
  • Carousel doesn’t slide or show up,
  • Images or text no longer appear,
  • Website appears hacked,
  • The site hasn’t been updated or the plugins haven’t been updated,
  • The site was updated and now things aren’t working or look out of place,
  • The website has the jitters (you’ll know it when you see it),
  • Mobile menu doesn’t open,
  • The gallery stopped working, or
  • Other such items.

The website modifications can go from soup to nuts as well. We’ve seen everything from:

  • Update personnel on the website,
  • Change out images or text,
  • Add a page,
  • Remove a page,
  • Move the site from one host to another,
  • Add in a video on the site,
  • Update the name, address, or phone number,
  • Put in a gallery, and
  • Much more.

The bottom line is, if it can break then we’ve probably fixed it, and if it needs to be modified then we’ve probably modified something similar before.

Web hosting

Auxilia has chosen to partner with WPEngine for WordPress web hosting. Formally, we partnered with GoDaddy, however, GoDaddy made some foolish decisions with their hosting, plus you can’t call them without them trying to sell you the kitchen sink. Annoying! This made the choice to leave their services and go with WPEngine very simple. Our servers have extremely fast caching, daily backup of the site, and an SSL. Lastly, we also have options to maintain the WordPress core updates and plugin updates on a monthly basis.

Auxilia means “helper” and that’s what we can do for your company’s website

Auxilia has worked with many different kinds of businesses with varied needs. Your business is no different. We’d love a chance to become your company’s website helper. If you need custom WordPress website design work or Shopify website design work, please get in touch with us using the contact form below, visit our website design gallery, or call us!