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As mentioned before on this site, when Auxilia creates a website there are many times that a client wishes to use that site for lead generation. There are two main methods for generating leads on one’s website. There is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and then there are paid ads through Google Ads & Facebook Ads. Auxilia is capable of using both to help a client achieve quality leads each month. We offer Google Ads campaign management for our clients who want to generate leads in this way. 

How Google Ads Work

Google has both a beginner’s version of its PPC management platform and an advanced platform. The beginner’s version leaves the end-user with far too little control of their ads and campaign goals, so for the remainder of this discussion, we will focus on how the advanced version works.

When your business creates a Google Ads account, you start by creating what are called campaigns. Campaigns are a way to group together ads into a focused group. So let’s say you are a company offering both landscaping and irrigation. Potentially you could create a campaign for landscaping and a campaign for irrigation. This would allow you to see the overall success of each campaign. Furthermore, as you are working through the process of fine-tuning that campaign you can create tweaks specific to that campaign without effecting the other campaigns. That is really helpful! Lastly, campaigns also allow you to create specific target areas. Meaning only show my ads if the person is in this specific geographic area. There is also the ability to only show your ads during specific days and times of the day throughout the week. There are budgeting constraints that you can limit on a campaign, costing methods, and so on.

So within each campaign, you have both ad groups, ads, & keywords. Ad groups simply contain the ads. For the landscaping campaign, you might have three specific services you wish to target. For instance, you might have a landscape architecture service, a lawn cutting service, and a weed spraying service. Well, ad groups let you bundle the ads for each service so you can create specific tweaks for those services. Within each ad group, you can create multiple ads to test which perform the best.

The key to Google Ads is to give the campaign a proper objective. Whatever objective you give the campaign, Google Ads will seek to attain that goal. The goal we use 90% of the time is the goal of getting conversions. In short, conversions are actions taken on the website to create a lead or purchase. If a website visitor fills in the contact form, that is a conversion. If a website visitors taps the phone button on your website to call your company, that is a conversion. If a website visitor buys a product, that is a conversion. We aim with most of our campaigns to get you leads or purchases. The ad groups, ads, keywords, and geotargeting are all tools Google uses to accomplish that goal of lead generation (cha-ching $$$).

The two main delivery channels used for the ads are in Search ads and Display ads. Search ads are when someone is directly searching for your company’s product or service. Your ad will pop up on top of the organic results giving you a competitive advantage. Display ads can also target someone based on their searches for your product or service but they can also show based on intent. So let’s say someone is visiting your competitor’s site, well Google Ads can show your banner/video ads to that potential client on their display platform. What is a display platform? Here are two that you would know–YouTube and Pandora. That’s right, high-traffic sites will sell ad space on their website for your ads to show to your potential customers. Even if they’ve never clicked on your site nor heard of you, Google Ads will allow you to target them based on searches they’ve done for your keywords or based on visiting your competitor’s website.

When used together, Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads are awesome for generating leads (again cha-ching $$$).

The logic and cost-effectiveness of Google Ads

SEO takes time and it takes money as you have to create both consistent content and get good backlinks. Google Ads gets you immediately to the top of the search engine results and in front of your customers that have the intent to purchase your products or services. When all of these factors are well-tuned, your company will be on the first page of Google search results for the exact keyword you designate. 

Google Ads campaigns are also especially useful for assessing client acquisition costs. Within a few months, we will be able to help you understand your cost per client acquisition and work to bring that to a reasonable amount. Plus, it will provide you with one channel through which you can reasonably depend on consistent lead generation.

Auxilia can generate leads for your company through Google Ads campaign management

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