What Goes Into SEO Lead Generation

By: Auxilia | Date: September 26, 2018

Orlando SEO Lead Generation

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why does it matter?

Search engine optimization, or better known by its acronym, SEO, is a method of finding potential clients through online search engines such as Google or Bing. Search engines use different methods to catalog web pages (not websites–this is an important distinction). The search engines use robots to scan the internet and index what different web pages are about. Whenever you type in a search query, the search engine looks at their database of indexed web pages to assess what may fit that query. They sort and present the websites to you according to the order that their algorithm determines, which usually is based on the trustworthiness and authority that your web page has as compared to other pages.

Orlando SEO Lead Generation CompanyIf you wish to monetize your website and use it for lead generation then you want to ensure that you are on the first page of Google and near the top at that! This method of online lead generation is also referred to as growing in the organic search results. This is as opposed to appearing on the top of Google through Pay Per Click campaigns, which is a viable and alternative method. In fact, when coupled together, they both (SEO and PPC) ensure you’re business is always on the top of Google! If you don’t care about getting to the top of Google and Bing then please spare yourself and stop reading! I used another form of lead generation early on called cold-calling. This is a painful process of going physically to each business in a strip and walking in and introducing myself. Painful, indeed!

But how do you know what search engines are looking for in a web page?

So we’ve established that the least painful method to gaining clients is through online lead generation. There are two methods, SEO and PPC. The former is accomplished through organic growth. So what needs to be on your web page for which you wish to be on the first page (near the top, remember!) of a Google search?

It starts with well-researched SEO keywords!

Orlando SEO Lead Generation CompanyWell, the first requirement is good SEO keyword research. And that is as far as this post (part 1 of ?) will cover; stay tuned for more posts. But the first requirement is that you need to know what prospective clients are typing into Google in order to find your competitors. Do you know those keywords? And let me encourage you to not think singularly as in keyWORD, but rather a string of words or a phrase that is often called a long-tail keyword. That is a natural way that most folks search, and probably the way that you search.

This is a process of brainstorming and it’s a journey that Auxilia would love to take with you. Let us help you with proper and effective search engine optimization, and with good SEO keyword research! Why not contact us to schedule an appointment so we can help your company start generating online leads through your website!