How Does Auxilia’s Lead Generation Program Work?

Auxilia's lead generation program involves utilizing your website to generate phone calls, web form contacts, emails, and purchases. These are often considered "conversions" as it is someone visiting your site from either an SEO listing on a search engine or a Google Ad or a Facebook Ad. Once on your site, they reach out for a product or service or quote. In that sense, they've converted into a lead.

Auxilia uses SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads to accomplish this goal. We work one-on-one with clients to create a custom-tailored, no-contract approach to lead generation that works for their business. It is understood that each business has a different budget they can spend, so that is where the custom-tailored approach comes in.

Throughout the process, we want to help each client grow in their industry within the geographic area that they service. For that reason, we only take on one client per industry in a geographic area. For instance, we would only work with one roofing company in the area that they service whether that is by county, state, or nationwide. Our loyalties are to them exclusively.

Our approach is meant to build a team concept of us working as a vital part of a business's infrastructure. We want to be considered their unofficial "employee" in charge of their website and lead gen efforts so together we can see success in their industry and marketplace.

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