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Located in Orlando, FL, Auxilia is a website design & SEO company offering big agency quality for freelancer prices.

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We will make your company shine online with our custom website design services.


Gain more clients when you are found through organic Google searches with our SEO Service.

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SEO takes time, so get found sooner rather than later with paid Google Ads through our Google Ads services.

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Use Facebook & Instagram Ads to gain new customers. We will target your customers on social media.

About Auxilia

About Auxilia

Auxilia means “helper” in Latin. That is what we are–your company’s website & lead generation helper. Preston served in the United States Marine Corps from 1998-2003, and, like most, found difficulty transitioning from military life to civilian life. While the transition was difficult, the one thing instilled in Preston from both his dad (a Vietnam era Marine) and from the Marine Corps is that you adapt and overcome, and do it right the first time. Do all things with excellence! God eventually found Preston and made him His. He entered into Bible college and seminary preparing to be a pastor. He started Auxilia as a means to provide for his family while working through ministry prep, however, God chose to re-route his life from ministry to business. Auxilia’s sole focus is on building custom websites to be used for lead generation. We want to help our clients monetize their websites thus increasing their bottom line. There are many in our industry that cut corners and who make decisions that benefit the marketing company rather than the customer. We want to do things differently.


We were founded to bring glory to God by providing our valued customers with high-quality and attentive service for their company’s web development and lead generation needs. It isn’t our goal to work with every business, but rather a few. We work for one business per industry within a geographic location to help that business outperform its competitors. Simply put, when Auxilia works for your company we will not also work for your competitor by helping them compete against you. We charge a flat rate for our services and will use what platforms work best for your company to generate website leads whether that be SEO, Google Ads, YouTube ads, Microsoft (Bing) ads, Facebook ads, or LinkedIn ads. We are loyal to what works for your business in your area and not to a certain platform. We look forward to working with you!


Our blog is filled with helpful articles to help you better understand the world of web development & lead generation.


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